Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"New Business Development opportunities" Mongolia-PR China Business/Investment forum

China Business Center and Yingke Law firm are going to host a "New business development opportunities" Mongolia-PR China Business and Investment forum between Jan 18-20 in Ulaanbaatar with support of Mongolian Business Database (MBD) in order to explore more efficient ways to promote the investment and trade in mutual countries and encourage economically efficient partnership and cooperation.  

There's more than 45 PR China and Hong Kong based reputable company directors and top officials will attend the event and 36 Mongolian initially selected business proposals from the following different business sectors will be introduced to the Chinese investors/business people one-to-one based meeting during the forum.

Please contact and submit your business offers by Dec 31 2015. The organizers will screen and select the project proposals according to the special criteria and schedule the one-to-one meeting.  The business sectors are: 1. Construction 2. Mining 3. Infrastructure and Energy 4. Agriculture 5. Meat 6. "Made in Mongolia" production 7. Industry 8. Tourism and Health 9. Free Trade zone

China Business Center LLC

"Mongolian China International Invest Management” (MCIIM) is a Beijing based company which specializes professional investment consulting and recently created its daughter company China Business Center in Ulaanbaatar in order to assist Mongolian business people to find, mediate and promote to establish long term partnership with Chinese and Hong Kong businesses based on the PR China's "One road-One region" policy and Mongolia's strategy to increase the foreign direct investment.

Yingke Law Firm

China Business Center's partner Yingke Law firm is Beijing based internationally respected law firm operates 32 branches in China and 32 branches in 32 countries which employ more than 4000 lawyers. It's global branches include an offices in New York, Chicago, London, Brussells, Hong Kong, Seoul, Istanbul, Singapore, Dubai, Mexico, Madrid, Budapest, Moscow, Rio, Monaco, Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, and Milan etc. Yingke was awarded as an Asian law firm of the year in 2014.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


The Investment Law establishes the Invest Mongolia Agency to implement the Investment Law, to issue tax stabilization certificates (Stabilization Certifcates) to qualified Investors and to make decisions with regard to investments by foreign SOE’s. In addition, the Invest Mongolia Agency has the mandate to assist investors – both foreign and domestic in planning their investments and to protect their interests and rights.

Organizational chart of Invest Mongolia Agency:

Main functions of Invest Mongolia Agency:
•  Promote Mongolia internationally;
•  Provide consulting and one-stop online services to foreign investors wishing to establish a business in Mongolia;
•  Support FDI and registering new foreign investments;
•  Promote investment climate & opportunities of Mongolia internationally;
•  Render support to investors in planning their investments;
•  Issue a Stabilization certificate to eligible investors;
•  Maintain  a  registry  of  the  stabilization certificate holders;
•  Render support in continued stable investment.
•  Together with the relevant state administrative authority, prepare tender documents and announce the tender, organize and evaluate it;
•  Enter, with the concessionaire and other entities, into a concession and such other related agreements as contracts of the concessionaire to obtain financing;
•  Adopt legally binding norms when specifically authorized to do so by legislation;
•  Provide methodological and expert assistance to other relevant authorities on matters related to granting and implementing concessions.

Investment Agreement with the Government of Mongolia
The  Investment Law provides any entity whose  investment value will exceed MNT 500 billion with an option to enter into an Investment Agreement with  the Government  of Mongolia. An  Investment Agreement may stipulate a longer stabilization period than the time frames set in the Investment Law. The Agreement may include the legal protection stipulated in the Investment Law, as well as tax stabilization terms and other financial incentives and benefits.
Other tax and non-tax investment incentives and benefits are available in accordance with the relevant law of Mongolia.

Additional incentives and benefits for investors
The Investment Law provides investors with a variety of other tax and non-tax benefits from the Government of Mongolia.The tax benefits may include exemption from taxes, preferential tax
treatments, accelerated depreciation and amortization that is deductible from taxable income, carrying forward of losses, and deduction of employee training expenses from taxable income.
The non-tax benefits may include longer land lease rights, residential permits for international investors and their families, expedited registration process if the investment involves a free economic zone or industrial complex, and financial  guarantees for foreign investment projects involving innovative technology.
In addition, equipment imported for construction purposes may be exempted from custom duties and value added taxes.